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Lactobin® N - A Premium New Zealand Colostrum to boost your Immune System

I got given a sample of Lactobin after Irish nationals from my agent on behalf of the company.

I have been taking the product once a day and after only a couple of weeks I believe I'm seeing a benefit already. I am, unfortunately very prone to getting any sort of viral infections and have been for years. With a weak immune system it's hard to fight off illnesses and when I do get ill I find it hard to shake them off!!

It's never ideal getting ill but for an elite athlete is it even worse even with taking vitamins and eating healthy.

However with the help of Juice Plus products and lacbotin I haven't had any illnesses since starting the product. With such a heavy training load keeping healthy is vital for my preparation so I can keep training at 100% and not have to keep taking days off due to illness.

Thanks lactobin :)

Melanie Nocher, Olympic Swimmer


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